Meet Our Team

Lavish Team

Kayla Moilanen

Founder & Executive Director

From an early age, Kayla was passionate about evangelism. She would bring as many of her friends to church as should could, that is, as many as could fit in the family van. Growing up in a Christian home, where her parents helped start a church, she developed a love for God and for people. Her family would do various outreach projects throughout the year, reaching out to the lost, broken and hurting but when Kayla was twelve she found herself to be the one in pain. She was molested by someone her family trusted. The agony of the situation left her emotionally crippled. She carried this weight, never as free as she was before that day. This led to many struggles and more abuse as Kayla grew older. That one seed planted many lies in her heart about her self worth. It wasn’t until she found herself pregnant at seventeen that she had finally cried out, “No more!” She reached out for help. Through the support of her family & her church, Kayla began to deal with the pain of the past and reclaim her life. It was not an easy journey, but God let her know she was not alone and He would be there with her, every step of the way. God restored to her the dreams of her youth and her passion for evangelism. What Satan meant for harm, God trasformed into something beautiful. Kayla’s desire is to share the lavish love of the Heavenly Father with anyone and everyone she meets. Her vision is to see young women set free from the pain of their past, embracing their destiny. Kayla resides in San Antonio, her hometown with her husband and their daughter. She leads a team of women who shine God’s love and light into the lives of those lost in darkness with more fervency than ever before.

Melissa Soderlund

Outreach Director

Luci Williams

Aftercare Director
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Brooke Johnson

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Kim Gerber

Events Coordinator