Who We Are

Lavish is a faith-based outreach & aftercare ministry for women in the sex industry. We are here to love, equip & empower those we reach.


The Mission


Since our conception in December of 2011, Lavish has been effectively sharing Christ’s love with women in the darkest of places: strip clubs & brothels. During our monthly outreaches, we give out gift bags filled with cosmetics, accessories and the simple message that the women are loved, valued and purposed.



Our community offers weekly support & encouragement for women in the adult entertainment & sex industry. We regularly host a dinner & support group, connecting the women with mentors, a faith community & resources. Services & resources include: local faith based support groups, churches, counseling, personal mentorship, legal assistance, grants and scholarships for furthering education, career & family planning, financial stewardship training, financial assistance, & transitional living.



Dreams and personal goals can seem out of reach to many women in the sex industry.  Numerous women we’ve encountered feel powerless to change their situation or are without options. This can create a vicious cycle of living in survival mode, merely existing from one day to the next, without hope. Being loved, equipped with truth and embraced by a community, we believe that we can help break this cycle. We empower the women we reach by helping them reclaim their life and pursue their God-given destiny.